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Small Bread Cloth


Wrapped in the bread cloth, bread stays fresh and moist for longer. You can also use it to cover a tray of cake or to give yeast-based doughs some rest. Do you like having bread in your storage? You can simply wrap it in the bread cloth which is 100% plastic free and freeze it. Works wonderfully!

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Keeps your food fresh longer. The environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic bag. Plastic-free, reusable and sustainable. Made from organic beeswax, tree resin, jojoba oil and organic cotton. Even package is produced from grass paper.

The bread cloth gets even better with time – it becomes softer and easier to handle – a real pleasure to wrap bread in! After the usage, simply shake the excess off. If needed, wash it under cold to lukewarm water, with a dash of table or apple cider vinegar, which the cloth can easily tolerate.
Allow it to dry and reuse it immediately or store it rolled up.

The bread cloths also do not tolerate sun, heat, dishwashers or hot water.

Additional information:

The bread cloth is 43 x 43cm in size and all 4 edges are clean cut. Due to the bees wax and tree resin it is naturally antibacterial. Nothing lasts forever. As long as the cloths do not have any visible marks or do not smell bad, they can be reused for up to one year.
… After this, they are easily compostable or can be used as a lighter for the barbecue.

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