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Dear valued customers,

Our baking magic is taking a temporary break as we prepare
to elevate your bakery experience at our new location.

During this time, we kindly ask for your understanding and patience
as we won’t be able to accept orders through our website.
Stay closely connected on our Instagram for the latest updates.
Your unwavering support is what keep us inspired each day.
With warmth and anticipation,
The Munich Finest Bakery Team


The recipe to happiness

1/3 Handcraft
We bake fresh several times during the day and we try to do that according to true craftsmanship, as few machines as necessary, as much manual work as possible

1/3 Tradition
We bake with respect to the product and attention to detail. Long and thoughtful fermentation encourages depth of flavor and ultimately makes our breads more nutritious.

1/3 Art of Baking
Real Art of Baking is when you know how to deal with natural baking ingredients, like for example malt. This is the most difficult Art of Baking, because malt gives food only to the yeast, nothing is chemically supported.


Monday - Sunday 8am - 12 am


We deliver at your door step


Lulu Superstore, DIP 1 Dubai, UAE


Tel.: 058 522 1966
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