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Our baking magic is taking a temporary break as we prepare
to elevate your bakery experience at our new location.

During this time, we kindly ask for your understanding and patience
as we won't be able to accept orders through our website.
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mini (30gram) Almond Croissant minimum order 30 pieces


The dough of our croissants is layered with high quality French Butter and the filling is Marzipan.




For our products, we use the best ingredients.

The dough of our croissants is layered with high-quality French Butter, and the filling is Marzipan. The dough absorbs melting butter, attributing to the delicious flavour of the croissant. Butter has a good percentage of water (15-18%), and the steam gets trapped in the individual layers, which causes flakiness and tender layers. Filled with marzipan and covered with powdered sugar and almond slices

but this time as mini croissant of around 30 gram